The Zhang's Garden was once the largest public space in Shanghai during the Qing Dynasty, and it was called "the best public space of modern China." The garden is located in the Wujiang Leisure Shopping Street, which is adjacent to Nanjing Road. As a result, it has a advantage because of this convenient location. Based on the idea of "repairing the old as old," it was renovated and build to be a quiet spot in a noisy neighborhood of Shanghai. Since its official opening in July 2014, it has become a business highlight in the Shanghai Historical Protected Area on the south side of West Nanjing Road through the combination of Shanghai Shikumen architecture and western food culture.  

入駐品牌/Settled Brand: el Willy、 el CÓCTEL、Garlic,etc.  

 園區地址:  泰興路99号

占地面積:  1148平方米

建築面積:  2200平方米

園區業态:  商業 餐飲